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The history of ethical practice


Ethical practice. What does it mean? Where does the idea come from? Where are we heading? In dentistry, ethics play a central role to how we as practitioners treat our clients. Rooted in history, the practice of ethical healthcare is one which is seeing a new importance in the modern world. In the east, many of the early famous ethicists were in the Buddhist tradition, Read More →



This May 5, I’m running a half-marathon in the BMO Vancouver Marathon as a RUN4HOPE participant. I chose KidSafe as my charity of choice because I’ve been consistently impressed by the work that KidSafe does. KidSafe is a local Vancouver charity that provides nurturing safe havens to 450 vulnerable, referred inner-city children each year. They provide 34,800 nutritious meals, and 121,800 hours of free developmental programming, safe Read More →

A little something on pregnancy and preventative dentistry

In general, being proactive beats being reactive. Earlier intervention is more effective than treatment. Being proactive is usually cheaper and works better than reacting to a problem that has already developed. The same goes for our children as much as anything else: research has shown just how important the early years are in a child’s development and flourishing. For example, we know that children who Read More →

Client-centered dentistry

In today’s world, the relationship between dentists and our patients has shifted significantly – and, I believe that it needs to continue to change and adapt to the reality of the modern era. We need to advance the trend of empowering individuals to make decisions about their own health. Traditionally, power was held by the doctor, and patients accepted treatment decisions made by that doctor; Read More →

So many reasons to love Vancouver


I moved to Vancouver about 6 months ago and since I’ve moved here, I’ve grown to love it quite quickly. I live very close to Granville Island and I’m spoiled to be able to buy groceries at the public market or go for runs around False Creek. Granville Island is a unique shopping district and working neighbourhood, and the area around False Creek is a Read More →

Preventive Dentistry

Dentistry is changing, and while change is always difficult to navigate, it’s – in this case – a very good thing. First – and probably very welcome by most clients – dentistry has become more gentle. We have a lot of techniques to employ to make your experience as pleasant as possible: methods for making injections more comfortable, distraction with TVs on our ceilings, and Read More →

Anxiety and Dentistry

In so many ways, dentistry has come so far since the days of the horror stories that my clients sometimes tell me about. I am absolutely frustrated and angered when I hear the stories of children being hit or yelled at by their dentist forty years ago. It initiates a long cycle of fear that, years later, people continue to struggle with. It’s a cycle Read More →

Mind-body-mouth Health


These days, there’s a lot of talk about the mind-body health connection. What’s going on in our heads – whether that’s depression or anxiety or loneliness or just plain stress – plays out in a significant way in our body’s health. We’re entering a new era of healthcare which views individuals as whole people, and not merely as bodies with symptoms to be treated. This Read More →


I’m glad you’ve come across my blog. Here, I’m hoping to document my thoughts and musings as a dentist, a professional, and as a philosopher and ethicist. I came to dentistry inspired by my aunt, who, when I was searching what to do for employment, revealed a career where I could help people in a significant way. One of the greatest rewards I find in Read More →