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Beautiful day

lunch view

Gorgeous day in Vancouver! What a lovely place to have lunch, just outside of the office at the Aarm Dental Group on Beach Avenue.

The mouth in balance: cavities


  What exactly are cavities? Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases throughout the world, and something that almost everyone has to deal with at one point in their life. They’ve been with us for a long time – over a million years ago, our distant ancestors Australopithecus suffered from cavities, and the incidence of tooth decay increased with the introduction of agriculture Read More →

Opening Promotions!

It’s official! I’m now working at the Aarm Dental Group on Beach Avenue and excited to be building my base of clients! To that end, we’re¬†offering a few opening promotions. As we build our social media presence, I’d like to invite you to like me on Facebook ( Go to Facebook and like me by the end of March to be entered for a draw Read More →