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Preventive Dentistry

Dentistry is changing, and while change is always difficult to navigate, it’s – in this case – a very good thing. First – and probably very welcome by most clients – dentistry has become more gentle. We have a lot of techniques to employ to make your experience as pleasant as possible: methods for making injections more comfortable, distraction with TVs on our ceilings, and Read More →

Anxiety and Dentistry

In so many ways, dentistry has come so far since the days of the horror stories that my clients sometimes tell me about. I am absolutely frustrated and angered when I hear the stories of children being hit or yelled at by their dentist forty years ago. It initiates a long cycle of fear that, years later, people continue to struggle with. It’s a cycle Read More →

Mind-body-mouth Health


These days, there’s a lot of talk about the mind-body health connection. What’s going on in our heads – whether that’s depression or anxiety or loneliness or just plain stress – plays out in a significant way in our body’s health. We’re entering a new era of healthcare which views individuals as whole people, and not merely as bodies with symptoms to be treated. This Read More →